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...Charles Rouse Institute of Performing Arts. This institute, which was created by Chico, provides a jump start for the young, up and coming jazz saxophonist's to built from and expand their artistic expression. Chico Rouse has been a student of jazz since he was a child, through his father and his father's peers. As an extremely talented jazz drummer, Rouse JR., was truly blessed to be able to study percussion with great artists...

Chico Rouse grew up surrounded not only by his father's wonderful world of Jazz, but also the entertainment skills of his mother, Esperanza Rouse. Esperanza was an original chorus line dancer alongside Lena Horn in the famous Cotton Club located in Harlem. As a member of the Asbury Park community Chico has over twenty-five years experience in the entertainment, promotion, and management business...

SOURCES: Rouse Public Relations

Scope of Education Presentation


Speaker:                           Charlie Rouse Jr.

Date:                                  Open.

Speech Topic:                The Music of Charlie Rouse Sr.

Specific Purpose:        Exploring The Life and Music of an Extraordinary Musician




  • Personal Information (birth date-Location Etc.)


  • Thesis: The Man-The Music-The Legacy


Preview: Development, Experience, Influence and Legacy



  • Charlie Rouse The Man
    • History
    • Audio/Video Presentation
    • Live Performance and collaboration of his Music
    • Questions and Answers.
    • Demonstration


  • Charlie’s Music
    • Dates and Performance Times
    • Dates and times of Live Performances
    • Dates and Times of Recorded Performances
    • Inspiration, Motivation and the Creative Musical Process


  • The undeniable Legacy:
    • His Unique Tone.
    • His Melodic Approach
    • His Rhythmic Concept
    • His Approach to Phrasing
    • Demonstration


  • Peers and Influences:
    • Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Clifford Brown, Thelonious Monk, Ben Webster, Gigi Grice, Benny Green, Oscar Pedefert, Julius Watkins, Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gilespie, Milt Jackson...etc.


  • A New Generation Gets Hip:
    • Major impact on a new generation of Musicians Such as:
      • Wynton Marsellis
      • Marcus Roberts
      • Brandford Marsellis
      • Eric Alexander etc.
      • Demonstration



  • Review: Charlie Rouse Sr. Impact on America’s Classical Music


Closing: Thank you This Program is Design to Educate, Create, Motivate Musicians Pursuing Music as Their Career Choice.






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