The Rouse Legacy is an institution of education, entertainment and performance, it stems back 78 years. The entertainment component consists of the presentation an artist uses when he is presenting a performance. How he communicates, how he listens, how he learns to support his fellow musicians, how he learns what to play and what not to play at those very important magical moments, that's what truly makes the music come to life.  As you know, each instrument has it own first rule to establish, that is very important in creating your own identity, style and individually. Growing up in a world of many artistic individuals, I have observed how the art made two as one.  The oral and workshop presentations of the Rouse Legacy will surely educate, inspire and motivate.

Rouse Legacy Records is a record label that produces a wide range of music. It supports the creativity of the artist's vision and gives them an opportunity to be heard.

Rouse Legacy Radio is an internet station that will give you a wide range and depth of the Legacy with some of the greatest Jazz musicians playing collectively with Charles Rouse Sr. and many of the new artist recorded on Rouse Legacy Records.

Charles Rouse Jr was given an exceptional opportunity to Pass It On.


This is dedicated to thank all the millions of fans around the globe who has followed and supported Charles Rouse's music and contributions to the world of Jazz.  As you know, he was a purest for the art and he was very serious about contributing to it to the best of his ability.

So on behalf of the Rouse Legacy Family, we would like to say thank you and we would ask you to continue your support and love. A special thank you to my kids and the rest of my family for all their love and support which has allowed me to PASS THIS ON!

With Sincerest Appreciation,
Charles Rouse Jr.

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