One thing is for sure, the Rouse name is not going anywhere, and the Rouse Legacy will live on and continue to bless the ears of all their fans and supporters.

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October 18, 2008

Chico’s House of Jazz is Rouse Jr’s way of paying homage to and carrying on the legacy of his father, the great Charles Rouse. Best known for his years of work as a tenor sax player alongside the widely admired Thelonious Monk; Charles Rouse has influenced and continues to influence millions of people around the world.

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February 07, 2014

Blessed with the opportunity of growing up in such a wonderful and profound world of Jazz, I was surrounded with some of the greatest musicians in the history of the world. The closeness of relationships like this are rare. So as I travel forward in this wonderful world of music, it’s my responsibility to expose the young inspired artists that are interested in developing and connecting with their passion of expression to the wonders and mysteries of this music business. As you know anyone can go to school and be taught the technical aspects of an art but it’s much more than just that. I was given a unique opportunity to live in the midst of some of the greatest and most creative artists of our time. At a young age I was subliminally absorbing masters of the art in a pure form, each expressing themselves in their own unique way, and after all, that is what it’s all about, isn't it?!

I made a promise to my father, Charles Rouse Sr., to "Truly Pass It On"!

- Charles "Chico" Rouse Jr. "Rouse Legacy"


The black-and-white cinematography is unaffected and real, yet transcendental.  Its sense of intimacy is so vivid.  Charlie Rouse asks Monk, “What notes should I hit here?”  Monk stares off into the void for 20 seconds and finally mumbles, “Hit any of ‘em you want.”  (I mean, come on Charles, it’s Thelonius.)  Then here comes Rouse with his pristine, instantly identifiable made-for-Monk sound, clear as a bell as he knowledgably, serenely peruses the changes with popcorn-tasty, ear-tickling licks to die for.

- A.C. Baruch, saxophonist, flutist, writer, English teacher in Japan "What makes Thelonious Monk special?"

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